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Hi everyone- another update from the road. The easy flatness of the beach is long gone and we are in hilly country now and I am feeling it. I am running longer and longer (did w7d1- 20 min!) but feel like I'm going slower and slower. When I'm back on my home turf I will use map my run and see how far I am actually going- c23k? Lol.

Well done BigChiefHoHo, you are ahead of me for the moment bc we had such an early start mon I had to run tues. (I just saw you were posting about week six- were you ill for a week? I am so out of the loop. Looking forward to catching up properly this weekend!)
Hugs and stuff to you all (get better, Eladorine, sounds as if you are!) and wish me luck because I fear the scale when I get home I have gone mad with the Dounts, but thanks to check-ins with you all, have kept up with the running!

Two more American runs to go...

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