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1. I want to have a bath without creating a dam behind my ***
2. I want to look like ernestine shepherd when i'm her age or like even now
3. I want to get through all three levels of 30DS in one go without taking a rest (lol still on level one with rest breaks)
4. I want to wear jeans without looking awful
5. I want to be able to sit down without worrying about my tummy bulge or feeling the need to hide it with my handbag
6. I want to be able to walk around not always thinking about how huge my bum must look to other people
7. I want to go to a beach and wear shorts and a bikini top and not care about my stretch marks
8. I want to have babies and be a good example as a mother
9. I want to go to a crossfit class and boxing and kick *** (too terrified of it right now)
10. I want to be able to do a proper push up (my brother does them on one frickin finger and kills me as I'm still on girly push ups)
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