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I rarely use honey because (aside from being diabetic) honeys are an allergy gamble for me. Some give me a sore and itchy throat (I'm probably allergic to a common pollen rather than the honey itself, since not all honeys trigger it).

I love it though, especially creamed honey. When I lived in Illinois we'd go every fall to Tanner's Orchard and I would buy several varieties of flavored creamed honeys. My favorite was lemon. Because they had sampling tables, I could try a honey to see if it caused a reaction.

Creamed honey, if you've never had it, has a very different texture than liquid honey. It's opaque rather than transparent, and has a silky, almost frosting-like texture. It melts on hot toast like butter.

You can find it plain or flavored, but there's no fat or cream in it. It's just honey that is crystallized, but in a way that creates very small crystals, so it's smooth and silky, not hard and crunchy.

You can find directions for making creamed honey at home online (youtube videos as well).

It's really addictive though. Luckily the jars I'd buy were quite small and expensive enough to keep me very portion conscious.
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