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Originally Posted by ecdcslim View Post
Happy Monday all! I have started to use my Fitbit now to track my food - it takes some getting use to but it's comprehensive enough that I'm finding it really helps keep me honest - and it's on my iPhone so no excuse not to track! What's interesting though is that it's tracking all my carbs in veggies so even my low carb/high fat meal (salads with dry tuna/HB egg, parmesan cheese added to broccoli, arugula, cucumbers, raw mushrooms, onions and EVOO) are showing up more carbs than fats, eek! My coach was like, ah, don't worry about that (umm, really?) So I'm wondering how the heck you track that? She also told me that chewing gum, even sugar free, starts the pancreas up and it releases insulin which makes your store fat??? Any body know anything about these subjects so I can get educated? Thanks.
Hi ecdc: I don't worry about the low carb higher fat meals either - it's just too difficult to get the ratio of 1:3 carb:fat grams - I aim for at least 1:1 if not 1:2 but that takes a lot of avocado & full fat cheese, lol. Seems to be working fine for me, I've been maintaining at 21% bf and 131-3 lbs for 6 weeks or so. Those are pretty low carb veg you are using for lunch so I doubt you will have a problem. I track on MyFitnessPal and do calories (just for my info) and carb, fat, protein, fibre and sugar grams.
My carb grams are quite high compared to a lot of IP maintainers but I have never been insulin resistant and haven't had a prob with veggie & fruit carbs. My biggie (how I gained 31 lbs over 4 years) was lack of exercise combined with tortilla chips with lots of cheese at night. Not goin' there anymore! A bag of Old Dutch or Tostitos Blue Corn tortilla chips lasts my hubby & I a week and a half now. Used to be done in one night.

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