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I was thinking the same thing, I'm pretty weary of potluck parties!! I imagine people cooking with their cats running around on their kitchen counters, wiping their face and putting their hands all over the food. I've seen some outrageous things too, like digging through every piece of chicken to find the right one, picking food up and putting it down. One thing I hate is when people put sauce or potato salad on their plate they bang the serving spoon on their plate. Yuck. My idea of punishment is being forced to eat dip after a double dipper.

Oh, recently I went to a dinner party and the first course was soup. After we were all finished the hostess took our plates and dumped whatever was left in our bowls back into the pot of soup. Uhm, yea I suddenly have no room for anything else.

Originally Posted by MauiKai View Post
If I ate a bowl of cabbage before the party, nobody there would want to sit by me.
If I ate a bowl of cabbage before a party I wouldn't want to sit by me either.

"Binging is a descent into a world where every restriction... is cut loose. At its core is a feeling of deprivation.. a feeling you can never get enough. Binges do not signify a lack of willpower or inability to care for yourself. On the contrary, binges are a urgent attempt to care for yourself when you feel uncared for. They are the voice of survival. Binges are the mark of the self that says, 'I am tired of feeling deprived, of being told I am wrong, that I am bad." - Geneen Roth
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