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Originally Posted by MauiKai View Post
He didn't say it was for everybody. He was just saying what has worked for him.
To be fair, that's not entirely accurate. A great many of diamondgeog's posts are extremely critical of viewpoints and experiences that differ, even slightly from his own.

On it's own, that's not necessarilly a bad thing, but when you advocate a one-size-fits-most approach, you will get (and have to expect) a lot of disagreeing and even upset responses, and I think that's all that is happening here.

I agree with a great deal of what diamondgeo posts, but his manner of presentation can come across as condemnatory of anyone who disagrees or has a different experience.

There is room on 3FC for extreme opinions and attitudes, but when you push a controversial theory, people from the middle to the other end are going to push back.

If you want less push-back, you have to tone down your arguments. And if you don't want to tone down your arguments, you have to accept the push-back or find a forum in which your opinions are mainstream/the norm.

If diamondgeog wants no disagreement, a strict paleo site might be a more comfortable fit, but I've seen a fair amount of disagreement over similar topics on such sites as well (and pretty much all weight management sites).

I think a unified theory of nutrition is a long way off. There are too many conflicting theories, and contradictory research to support them.

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