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I enjoy reading many of your posts, but often get frustrated with your dismissal of other viewpoints, even those that are nearly, but not quite identical to your own. You sometimes seem unwilling to hear any opinion but the exact one you hold, which can come across as zealotry, especially when you critique people who put as much or more effort, study, logical thought and personal experimentation into their choices and theories as you have into yours.

Zealotry is often a normal stage in the convert experience. Several years ago, I was where you're at, convinced that I had found in low-carb, no-grain eating, The Holy Grail of health and nutrition, not only for myself, but for everyone on the planet. Like a religious convert, I was high on my own newly found convictions, and determined to convert everyone else, whether they where willing or not.

Some very patient people here (nelie, especially) helped me see that I didn't have all the answers I thought I did, and pointed me towards books and studies that contradicted (or provided alternative explanations for) some of the information I was passing along as fact rather than theory.

I'm still convinced that low-grain and low-carb is right for me, and many others, I'm just less convinced that it's right for everyone.

Developing a grand, unified theory of nutrition and weightloss is a noble goal. I've been at it for more than 40 years, and haven't made much progress, but I'm in good company in that regard.

The top PhD researchers do not agree on a grand, unified theory, so it's hardly surprising that we here at 3FC do not all agree.
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