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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post

So what is my 'GUT' of nutrition I've learned the past year? Carbs matter. A LOT. Sources of carbs matter. But carbs really matter. Why? Inflammation matters....A LOT. That is the root cause of heart disease, cancer, joint pain, allergies, and of course insulin itself is a root cause of diabetes.

I suspect if most women on the SAD are getting close to 200 accounting for height of course and most men 220 or more they are somewhat insulin resistant. That means you really need to address your carbs or forget weight, you are just generally putting yourself at risk.
And I said to IanG this is your experience, but not necessarily a universal experience (though I do tend to agree with you here for many of us who are severely obese - and I do eat a low carb diet).

I just know that it's not true for everyone. My mother in law eats tons of carbs and not so much protein and fat and she's never had problems with anything.

My husband doesn't seem to have these issues either - nor my older son.

My younger son and me? We are just wired differently - it is so obvious when you closely observe our trends of mood, hunger, weight, etc.

That is why there is no "one diet" that works for everyone in all situations. THOUGH... I do think the lower carb diets are extremely helpful for those of us who find just "cutting" back very difficult to do.
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