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Goodbye & i wish you well

If I may be perfectly honest, I come to this site alot & mostly just lurk lol I like to read the posts for motivation & also for helpful information & to learn. I surely still have so much to learn.

I often began to just straight skip over your posts without even reading them. You often came across IMO as a self righteous preacher type. You obviously are happy with your plan & had success & kindly want to share that with others ofcourse! But instead of being helpful it often came across more as pushy. A whole I am right & everyone needs to listen to me and follow what I say attitude.

I am not saying that is how you meant it at all. I do think you were just trying to be helpful & the internet often makes it difficult to judge tone.

It is kindof like discussions between meat lovers & vegans lol There is no winning or losing. Discussing & sharing your views is great but neither side should be attempting to change the others minds. And it often felt that some threads turned from a friendly discussion into several people bickering about which is best and/or trying to change the others opinion.

There is just so many different ways to do this journey. I follow a ton of blogs and follow people who are my inspiration and every single one of them has a balanced diet including carbs. So it obviously works for many people. I love carbs. No one can ever change my mind that carbs do not contain alittle piece of heaven. So when I visit the site & I am not on low carb sections of the site I just don't want to see every thread turn into carbs are evil like someone is trying to force me to agree or make me feel bad for my evil carb loving ways lol. There is just so much stress & doubt already in the weightloss pile ya know? lol

idk I didn't mean this post to come across as rude & i hope you didn't take it that way. I was just trying to explain how some may feel to your posting style. I surely do not want u to feel u need to leave the site. I think you have done a great job losing the weight & keeping it off and it is nice that you want to share that with others.
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