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I have one friend who I can imagine drooling into food. I, too, have watched people prepare food and then chosen not to eat it because of their lack of sanitation. My one friend says, "Oh, the baking process kills all the germs anyway."


Actually, this is an argument my husband and I have all the time. He licks spoons and then puts them back in the pot. I constantly tell him it's disgusting, but he does it anyway. So don't eat anything my husband brings to a party. lol

Anyway, good tip about imagining the kitchen in which it's being prepared. I do the same thing with processed food, actually. How many companies recall foods because they found mold or rats or cockroaches at the factory? And I've seen food factories on TV where the people aren't wearing long gloves or whatever. I mean... it's like an invitation to find an arm hair in your toaster pastry, KWIM?
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