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Default A Grand Unified Theory of nutrition and weight? Perhaps. And a farewell of sorts

I am going to take a break from 3FC. I was toying with the idea myself recently. I don't have a whole lot of fun here generally. I appreciate Carb Counters but most other parts of 3FC are not fun. Now many will say this is 'all my fault'. I don't think so. Some sure. Fervor, intensity, etc. Or some less kind word if someone chooses. But, I would try to back up what I said with links or at worse my own actual experiences. I have found people equally opinionated about anything. And I've found very few people here linking as many studies as I generally link. Some do, but not most.

In any case this is my choice. It was becoming unhealthy for me. Suzanne did let me know people 'complain' about me and that was also a factor. But she did not tell me to leave and this is my choice. And I won't be leaving completely but will be here significantly less.

So what is my 'GUT' of nutrition I've learned the past year? Carbs matter. A LOT. Sources of carbs matter. But carbs really matter. Why? Inflammation matters....A LOT. That is the root cause of heart disease, cancer, joint pain, allergies, and of course insulin itself is a root cause of diabetes.

I suspect if most women on the SAD are getting close to 200 accounting for height of course and most men 220 or more they are somewhat insulin resistant. That means you really need to address your carbs or forget weight, you are just generally putting yourself at risk.

Now I have also gone grain free. I want to point this out. Unless anyone on 3FC has gone grain free for at least three months they not only don't know if grain free is healthy or not for me or anyone else on the planet, they don't know if it is right for them or not. Period. They haven't tried it. They can assume that is their choice. They can choose to never find out. But they will never know. I am not saying that is the wrong choice or not for them, only they can decide for them.

Note I did try vegetarian for around 8 months. And I respect deeply the moral and environmental reasons for it. I did lose weight. But I was also getting sick and not feeling well. Perhaps I didn't do it correctly but I did try it. Until someone does something similar with grains...they have no idea about going grain free do they? Sure they can have assumptions but they can't know.

Anyhow the grain free community is exploding in America. In fact I find 3FC behind in a lot of ways in the advice here. A calorie is a calorie is just devastatingly wrong advice to me. We aren't robots that are created to do fine on solar or gas or nuclear or whatever and the only thing that matters is kilojoules. If there is one thing everyone needs to know a calorie is NOT a calorie.

You will be a significantly different human being (health and weight wise) if you are eating 2,000 calories a day on high carb low fat versus 2,000 calories a day on low carb high fat. Especially if you are insulin resistant to some degree which most of us with a weight problem are. Very important note: If you then say want to drop under 2,000 calories much easier I found on low carb high fat. My appetite plummeted. Plummeted away from grains and most non-vegie carbs. As good as it sounds, a plummeting appetite, it is even better to experience it.

Calories do matter but calorie counting doesn't work for most of us. If it did we would be living in a different world then the one we see with our own eyes and our fellow human beings walking around.

Anyhow there is such a vibrant community all over the Net for grain free, low carb, and whole foods. I know I helped some. And frankly if I helped one person for every 100 complaints I would take that ratio no questions asked.

Again this is my choice. I'll probably check once a week or so. But I will rarely be posting from now on. If you read the articles about me you can find my twitter handle and I find twitter to be a much better place for me. Not saying for others for me. Just as I am saying people have different levels of carbs they can handle. But for those of us overweight and especially with weight in the mid-section the best possible thing you can be doing for yourself is being here in carb counters and being aware of carbs.

Best of luck to everyone.

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