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Originally Posted by SeeMyFeet View Post
Not my problem. At all. I like my food prepared properly, and quite frankly, I've seen some pretty disgusting home kitchens and cooking practices in my day.

True story: Once upon a time, I invited "the girls" over to prepare holiday cookies for work, and I saw when one of the highly refined ladies droooooled into a batch of fancy cookies she was making. Neeever said a thing about it--and I sure as heck didn't eat any cookies. blech blech blech

See, this is my issue too! I've seen people halfheartedly wash their dishes with filthy looking sponges, I've seen mothers pick boogers out of their kids noses and then wipe their hand on their pants and go back to cooking etc. I have a great deal of trouble eating anything that was prepared out of my sight. I like to eat my own food because I KNOW I am a clean cook.

ETA: Oh, I've seen lots of people while cooking/stirring pull the spoon or mixer out, take a lick to see how it is, then stick it right back in the food. Ewww!
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