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I have lurked for a while and I see many references to the book the diet cure. Does that book "co-exist" with MRC? I have looked at the reviews and find it interesting.

I went to Vegas last week during my preconditioning. I got off program. I am starting again today. I was suppose to go to my food class Friday and postponed it until this Friday. How many days does preconditioning typically last?

Easter is this weekend . . . what would you do? I sort of wish I would have waited until after Easter. I went for my consult and told them that I had a party, Vegas, and Easter coming and that I wanted to wait until after those 3 events. I lost 4.5 pounds before the party . . . went to Vegas for 5 days right after the party . . . I have 5 days now until my kids are home for Easter break. And, I kind of want to wait until after Easter. Before the party I was doing great and momentum was on my side. I don't want to get momentum on my side again and struggle with Easter. I know I *can* do it but I also think that it isn't a great way to start.
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