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I'm back! I missed you all.

We've had the power out for a few days and the phone as well. The cyclone was a bit of a fizzier. It was quite a small system so when it passed by us, it wasn't too bad. HOwever one of our trees came down. And the power and phones are out all the countryside. Some places where the cyclone was more intense, because they are quite remote will be out of power for about a month it was said. Poor things.

Anyway Not being able to diarise my food made it tricky. And because of the book i was reading (The don't go hungry diet), i decided to eat a bit more anyway - at least eat when i got hungry and not worry too much about it. And as the writer predicted, it didn't have any negative impact on the my weight.

I can't go into it in any detail right now but hopefully i will do a post on it before too long. But she her book is about the famine reaction, the fat brake and leptin hormone which regulates our appetites and is one of the hormones causes our metabolism to either speed up or slow down depending on whether our bodies are in famine reaction mode or experience the fat brake.

As she's a legitimate scientist who not only conducted research on this hormone and as she also had her own weight issues to deal with, i gave her a fair bit of credit for what she has to say. In fact what she has to say, fits with other info on these topics i've read.

the book is easy to read and although i probably wouldn't follow it to the letter, i am definitely taking on board some of the stuff she recommends. But who knows by the end of the book i might be more committed than i am right now. I suppose my current critical feeling is that she doesn't really appear to tackle some of the other topics that i think might also be relevant and just focus on that triangle of famine reaction, fat brake and leptin hormone. Although she does talk about exercise later on too and no doubt a lot else. So far what i've read has been fairly easy to read and understand though she has indicated she will go into more depth later in the book.

Meanwhile i'm also still reading gary taubes book on good calorie bad calorie. Its the style of writing and exploration of a topic that i really like so i hope i get to the end of this book. Of course the subject matter ranges far beyond how to lose weight. Its got a historical perspective and is really quite interesting. In his introduction, i found him convincing in his assertion to be trying to present an unbiased, and accurate account of things so i am also now keen to look at criticisms of his book. I tend to trust this style of writing. And for me to know if he was being deliberately misleading, it would be impossible to know because i can't go and check up on the material he presents. He's clearly done a great deal of research into historical records.

Most what i'm reading about at this point is his argument that mainstream position taken by medical authorities on cholesterol and saturated fats has always been a flawed argument. He's making a fair case of it too. So that's why i'm interested to see what his critics say. And for the most part, i don't really have an issue with that position on cholesterol because i've already been hearing that for years. And while i've been fairly suspicious of fats lately i've started to relax my position on it, though i was never an adherent of low fat dairy. I just knew that wasn't a solution as it ruined the food and bad tasting food can't be what we are meant to eat for good health, especially when it means extracting parts of a whole food.

So yeah back to the grind now.

I hope you are all doing well.
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