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SBW0624, I got several fliers with my shipment, including a Do and Do Not list of food & drinks. The only fruit recommended is 1 apple a day. If you did not get this same paper, you should call them & ask them to mail or email it to you

It reads in part:
* Cheese is ok, 6 oz. a day
* Eggs ok
* Seafood, meat, sausage or salami sticks, all ok
* Nuts, 3 oz. ok (total) of these kinds: almonds, pistachios, macadamia, sunflower seeds
* Tea, coffee, diet drinks ok (and water, of course! ha!)

Fruit juice is not ok - basically you are controlling your carb intake and fruit juice is very carb-heavy.

It goes very well for me when I am not dumb and go off it I lost 5 pounds my first week then I got cocky and thought I could have a small cheat. NOPE.

The routine is super easy. You just take the food out of the fridge or freezer and nuke it, tear open the bag, dump on plate and enjoy Piece of (imaginary) cake!

The site itself has a chat link, email and a phone number for support: [email protected] or 1-800-273-1686

Plus they have a lot of videos on YouTube...

Good luck! Keep us updated! I am about to place my 3rd order! They also have discounts on repeat orders... Check it out!

Personally, I find it the most tasty packaged food diet I have ever been on, better-tasting than Medifast, Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice. The vegetables especially are delicious and the garlic sauce (extra bottles can be bought, 1 comes with box) is great too. It's real food and healthy, in reasonable portions.
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