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Originally Posted by Koshka View Post
I struggle with this also. In my case, it is Cherry Coke Zero. So, it isn't the sugar. It is the flavor and the caffeine. I have cut down on it. I had got down to just doing 2 in the morning (12 oz cans) but lately I've been creeping up again. I've been working on learning how to drink green tea as an alternative. Giving up caffeine is hard for me.

I think I just have to cold turkey it and quit drinking them since it is something that I find difficult to do in moderation.
To update this, I quit buying Cherry Coke Zero for the house. I've gotten to where I have iced green tea in the morning. Sometimes I put a little True Lemonade in it (no artificial sweetener but a packet has stevia and 1g sugar).

I do sometimes have diet Coke or Coke Zero when I'm out at a restaurant and I had one when I left the grocery store this week. I really plan to get rid of those as well. But at least I'm not having them every day any more.
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