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I had a serious Pepsi addiction growing up!
Starting when I was just a toddler and going all the way to my early 20s.
At that time, I started to get recurring yeast infections. Every time I'd get cleared up, I'd get another one almost right after.
My gyno told me it was from sugar. Yeast thrive on sugar.
He sent me home without a prescription and said to avoid all sugars except for natural sugars in fruit. Under any other circumstances I would've never given up Pepsi but within a few days the infection started to clear up on it's own and I haven't had one since!

I stuck with the no pepsi thing in fears that I'd trigger another infection and something AMAZING happened... I lost 20lbs!! Within 30 days!! I made no changes to my diet whatsoever.... It was all soda/sugar weight!!

After that I ended up switching to Diet Pepsi for a good decade.
Two to Three 2-Liters A DAY!! I drunk it straight from the bottle. Gross i know! Then out of nowhere, about a year and a half a go I just decided I didn't want to drink it anymore. I stopped buying it and never looked back.

Soda is extremely addictive though!!
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