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Originally Posted by SeeMyFeet View Post
Not my problem. At all. I like my food prepared properly, and quite frankly, I've seen some pretty disgusting home kitchens and cooking practices in my day.

True story: Once upon a time, I invited "the girls" over to prepare holiday cookies for work, and I saw when one of the highly refined ladies droooooled into a batch of fancy cookies she was making. Neeever said a thing about it--and I sure as heck didn't eat any cookies. blech blech blech

You know, that just might be the key here to getting a grip on at least events where it's pot luck (catered events would be a whole other issue. LOL).

If I can envision people drooling, spitting, sneezing, coughing, licking the spoon, their children's dirty hands as part of their recipe I am sure I will not want anything that does not seem to be properly prepared.

I will give that a try.
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