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Default RE: Medifast - Have you used it and liked it?

Woww Medifast? OptiFast? Slimfast? NutriSystem?? What next? lol I'll never understand why people spend their money on these plans! No offense to anyone here but why not just eat right? Fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins? legumes, nuts and seeds? You know... REAL FOOD!!

The BIG problem with these plans is that they don't teach you how to eat healthy, nutritious whole foods. I just took a quick peek at the Medifast site and the meal replacements are things like
"Cheese pizza bites"
"Chili Nacho cheese bites"
"Caramel and Chocolate Crunch Bars"
"Macaroni and cheese"

Seriously? It's all junk food!! lol Formulated by doctors and scientists.
Yes, You'll lose some weight but then what happens when you stop buying their food? You continue to eat junk and put all the weight back on!!! It's not the dieter's fault either.... It's just a plan guaranteed to fail.

I've seen the issue time and time again with weight watchers too! (*Yes, I'm aware that they just recently started to encourage eating healthier foods) BUT in the past they let you eat whatever crap you wanted as long as you stayed within your points! So people lost a ton of weight while they were on it and shortly after they gain it all right back! Everyone I know who was successful on weight watchers (5-6 people) have all put it back on.

Instead of spending your money on these man-made chemical concoctions, please do yourself a favor and get educated on exactly what you're putting in your body. Learn how to create healthy well balanced meals made with real ingredients. You do that and you'll go through the rest of your life without even having to think about losing weight.
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