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Well y'all, I have officially finished the C25K program.

My son and I ran a Relay For Life Glow 5K last night which just happened to be the final run of the program and we rocked it (for us anyway). We finished in just under 38 min, ran the whole thing. It was a blast!! We're gonna take it easy this coming week, run one more week of easy runs then start into training for a 10K this fall.

If you're considering running in an organized event, go for it! I was too intimidated/embarrassed to run in a race last time I was running. Then I got injured and it occurred to me during my recovery that I may never work my way back to being able to run. Luckily, I am running again and this time I'm not worried about being too slow, or old, or fat. I'm happily crossing things off my bucket list.

The great thing is I wasn't the slowest, oldest or fattest runner. Even if I had been, no one there cared. Everyone was either focused on running their own race or encouraging others running theirs. It was a great experience and I'm really looking forward to more races.

Hope everyone is still running. Stick with it! I'm amazed at how well C25K works. 9 weeks ago I couldn't run 1/4 mile. Last night my son and I ran 3.1 miles. You can all do it, just keep running!!
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