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Originally Posted by Flippy47 View Post
And it doesn't help me to bring what I want to eat because it's way more fun to eat what other people bring, and to try everything.

This is my downfall: pot lucks & parties.

Some of it has to do with control. I can't control what's going to be there so I can't think ahead of what I'll have and avoid. I get there and want to try nearly everything & when I'm having fun I like to eat (and drink).

The only parties I can abstain is ones with lots of chips/salty foods (I prefer sweet) and poor-quality, store bought sweets/processed foods. But when people make home-made dishes I indulge.

Also, I have carb/sugar addiction so after a certain point that cycle kicks in and I just jump on that treadmill and keep going.

Anyone have a good grip on parties with lots of food where you can't control what's being served? It doesn't help me to focus on the people, I just end up back at the food.
This is me to a T. It can create so much stress around events that should be enjoyable. While I was losing weight, I had to withdraw myself from social occasions. Phasing off my diet right as the winter holiday season rolled in taught me that I am still capable of losing restraint. The cravings are sometimes stronger since dieting.

Here's a suggestion that works for me, with the caution that I don't usually have parties and potlucks every week, thank goodness: I stick to the straight & narrow most of the time and use the parties & potlucks as the eating fun days. I tend to do a little better when others are around, than when left to my own devices with trigger-type foods. The result is less stress and frustration and a nice, relaxed party. Surprisingly, it's easier to get back on track soon this way.
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