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Originally Posted by Heather View Post
Let's play nice and not get a flame war going, peeps. Remember it's not just what you say, it's mostly how you say it.
Too true. The following is in the spirit of bluntness, not flaming.

Diamondgeog, I tend to lean in your direction as far as nutrition is concerned. But the way you engage on this topic borders on zealotry. If anything, it only hurts the ideas you're trying to promote and turns people off completely. I only recently took you off my ignore list. I had put you there not because I fundamentally disagree with you, but because your combative posts have a certain fervor to them that isn't appealing.

If you're trying to spread the gospel of paleo/primal-esque research findings, you're hurting more than helping.

Editing just to add -- to be clear, I'm not trying to attack you here. And I don't think you should change your views. All I'm trying to convey is part of the reason you engender the type of responses you get.

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