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The ironic thing is this: has anyone ever 'proven' grains are healthy? That the nutrients in whole grains improve nutrient profiles in people?

There are high rates of diabetes in most Asian countries.

I guess I find the research view of anti-grain folk amusing for the following reason. The anti-grain high fat people had to go against entrenched dogma. I find these communities full of research. Mark Sisson for one and Chris Kesller for another question everything. And even do many posts where they say I was wrong.

These 'movements' are by far the most research, science, based movements I've ever come across in nutrition. By far.

And Suzanne I think there is evidence but so far back in time hard to tell for sure but human health has declined since grains.

Also your argument on age is flawed. The pool of people the percent was smaller living to 70 or 80 or 90. But they existed and were not getting heart disease.

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