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To get at the truth, you have to look at all the evidence without filtering it through your own assumptions. That's nearly impossible to do without formal training and not much easier with formal training. The distinction between drawing conclusions and jumping to conclusions is a fine one.

Once people "pick a side," they tend to dismiss, ignore, and refute all and any evidence to the contrary.

The challenge is in looking at all the evidence, new and old, with an open eye and most people, even the experts in the field, are unable or unwilling to do that.

In general, materials aimed at the general public are nearly worthless as a source of unbiased information. They're predominantly persuasive pieces, and only evidence that advances the author's theory and agenda is presented. Evidence that doesn't fit gets eliminated.

It's getting harder and harder for me to respect and trust the modern paleo, anti-grain authors, because of the amount of b.s. that is being passed along as factual information is on a steep increase.

What frustrates me most, is the accusation that I am pro-grain, anti-paleo, anti-low carb. I am not (quite the opposite). I just believe that a lot more solid research needs to be done to convince me that everyone needs to give up grains or be on a high fat, low-carb diet (even as there's growing evidence that I need to).

Facts have become unimportant, and anyone who questions even the most implausible arguments or for a moment considers the merits of conflicting evidence, is seen as an ignorant naysayer, refusing to see the obvious truth.

Saying "Tigers are not venomous," does not mean I advocate keeping big cats as pets. And a lot of people saying, "tigers are venomous" doesn't make it true.

There's a lot of "venomous tigers" in the mainstream sources of anti-grain and low-carb literature. Anyone who claims to have lost weight or improved their health with such a diet is considered an "expert" just for writing a book or blog.

Demanding accurate and unbiased information shouldn't be seen as a radical act.
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