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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
The fad diet comment, oh boy. There has been one time in human history that we have gone low fat high carbs. The last 50 years. How's that working out for us? Let's see. People dropping like flies from diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Dementia soaring. The low fat diet is the fad.

We actually have data for millennium on high fat¦ what happened? nonexistent or rare type 2, cancer, heart disease. The Inuit, very healthy when they eat their traditional diet. Did you know in the early 1900s graduating doctors were told never go into cardiovascular medicine¦ too few patients.
With all due respect, doctors probably didn't go into cardiovascular medicine because it was such a new field and the technology barely existed. There were many fields of medicine that were just beginning and only advanced later, as our knowledge and technology advanced. You need to think about the type of access people had to doctors back then, or had money for doctors, and how diagnoses were made without medical tests. I'm pretty sure that a lot of people went to their barbers for medical advice - and dental work

Also, the average life span in the early 1900s was about 48 to 50. I'm sure you are aware that the symptoms of heart disease and many other diseases usually don't appear until later in life, especially now that we have the technology to diagnose them. Now that we are living longer, we are living long enough to see the effects of our diets and lifestyles. We can afford medical tests. How many people in the early 1900s were having their arteries scanned?

I agree that we are eating things that we should not put in our bodies, such as highly processed foods. And we eat to excess, like everything else in modern life. But I don't believe that reasonable amounts of whole grains caused the type of influx in disease that you seem to insist happened. There are a lot of populations in the world that have eaten grains for centuries, and lived long and healthy lives. Healthier than the Inuits. Even Inuits that had access to plant foods lived longer than Inuits who didn't.
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