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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
I do forget Mars that in our society fat is bad and low carb is a fad are drummed into everyone. Government, vast majority of doctors, American heart association, American diabetes assoc.

So I know very well a Dr. Can mean nothing.

All carbs are not bad. The heart of my diet and Paleo and Primal are non-starchy vegetables.

However. People have carb thresholds. They do differ. People can choose to believe this or not. Go over yours and weight loss will be neigh impossible. And you are putting yourself at risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis, etc.

For some a couple pieces of fruit a day are fine. For others it would put them in ill health and cause them to gain weight.
diamondgeog: I basically eat as you do, re grain free and low carb, but stick to fairly low fat and avoid processed foods as much as possible. I found it by a lot of trial and error. As above folks have posted, different things work for different people. Any of us don't know if we will gain back, or if we end up with disease. That's for the numbers crunchers. Mostly, sharing our individual experiences allows others to try out what resonates.

When I asked you for evidence, maybe I should have been more clear. By evidence, I mean a link to the your source so that I can read and decide for myself if I buy it. That's a very basic & standard expectation when someone is advocating a health practice such as diet.

Remember the diet pyramid? It was concocted in response to growing rates of obesity, just like low carb. I would stick with repeatable studies that are published in peer-reviewed journals before telling anyone what will work for them.

Now I'm really going to yoga. May I not tip over in shoulder stand!

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