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My argument is focusing on calories first until you get your macros right, insulin right, and fat burning in your body right is a losing battle for most people.

And well look up Sam Feltham. He did 5,700 calories a day of high fat for 28 days. I think he gained like 3-4 pounds but lost inches on his waist. He did same amount of calories on high carb. He gained 16 lbs and 3 or 4 inches on his waist.

Even with the high calories, the high fat was 'instructing' his body to burn fat. Btw if you just did calories in calories out the results make no sense. But his body was doing different things with them. Does anyone here believe our bodies treat every calorie the same? If so why do must people fear fat? I totally completely admit I fear sugar and non-veg carbs. But then again I don't believe all calories and food are the same.

You guys do what you want, just presenting the info, many more people read than post. Sam is at SmashtheFat.

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