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Carbs are not poison. Vegans say the same thing about meat with the same conviction and with the research to back it up. Does that mean they're right? People use the same statistics you're using to prove that nobody can lose weight ever. Are they right?

A weight loss method is to blame for the regain. People who go Paleo also hit plateaus and even gain weight back if they eat too many calories. Every weight loss method is more suitable for some than it is for others. And some times, it's not the method, it's the person applying it.

We can't afford to lose weight and then slip back into old habits any more than former alcoholics can afford to start drinking occasionally. If you can gain 100 extra pounds once, you can do it twice, so you have to be careful. That's what I get from those statistics.

You can advertise what works for you all you want. We all do that. But, in my opinion, trying to convince people that calories don't matter is like trying to convince us that the sun shines at night.

And going on and on about how what you do is the absolute best can get old really fat. I kept trying to go from 154 to 130 by eating a healthy balanced diet and I kept giving up. This time I managed to go from 253 to 145 because I allowed myself to eat junk. Should I go around insisting that people eat junk food or they won't lose weight? That's what worked for me, so it must be the one true method, right? Come on now.
I started on 05/30/10 at 253. After almost 4 years and many, many breaks, I reached 152 on 03/19/14. Now I'm trying to reach 130.

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