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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
She had a patient eating 1200 calories a day, training for a marathon, not losing weight. She was summarizing one of her cases.

So either Dr. Shanahan is a liar by those comments. Or her patient is. Or both. Or they really have no clue about their calories. I suspect the Dr. Would have been pretty thorough about getting the calories down right with her patient.
One case, if it's true, is an outlier and lends little to the discussion of what works for the human population.

What is she a doctor of? Could be English literature for all we know. She may be well-qualified too. Point is, Dr. in front of a name doesn't mean much, especially on the web.

You "suspect" the Dr. would know = assumption, just like fat-is-all-bad folks. Okay, let's say she is a bona fide doctor of nutrition or kinesiology or medicine, your choice. I suggest you take a look at the initial chapter of Kessler's The End of Overeating--whoops, that's DR Kessler!--in which he cites research to show that well-intentioned researchers along with their subjects typically under-estimate food intake. It doesn't make them liars, it just means we need to control for it in the design of any study. And consumers of research, like you or I or anyone else need to have healthy skepticism and ask about the methodology, before embracing the results.

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