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Totally completely missing my points. People eat high fat for most of human history, it isn't a fad.

She had a patient eating 1200 calories a day, training for a marathon, not losing weight. She was summarizing one of her cases.

Someone said it was BS what she said and then someone else agreed.

So either Dr. Shanahan is a liar by those comments. Or her patient is. Or both. Or they really have no clue about their calories. I suspect the Dr. Would have been pretty thorough about getting the calories down right with her patient.

I've probably read 1000 studies the last year. Thanks on the success. You know why I did this time? I approached it that I knew NOTHING about nutrition. I started with a blank canvas. Then I built up my approach by reading point, counterpoint, trying stuff out. Researching more. And my success has blown even my wildest expectations away.

Everything I have done this time has been backed by science. Everything. And it would seem I got the science right spot on for me, my wife, and every friend also succeeding. It isn't just me. I have inspired a lot of successful change in my little corner of the world.

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