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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
The fad diet comment, oh boy. There has been one time in human history that we have gone low fat high carbs. The last 50 years. How's that working out for us? Let's see. People dropping like flies from diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Dementia soaring. The low fat diet is the fad.

We actually have data for millennium on high fat¦ what happened? nonexistent or rare type 2, cancer, heart disease. The Inuit, very healthy when they eat their traditional diet. Did you know in the early 1900s graduating doctors were told never go into cardiovascular medicine¦ too few patients.
You are doing exactly what all the other fad dieters have done: embracing your WOE as the holy grail. You are sort of the Dean Orninsh of high fat Instead of veering to the opposite extreme, why not take a measured approach, or at least stick to credible evidence--learn what credible evidence IS if you want to convince others, which you clearly want to do. So far you are throwing out all sorts of assumptions for which you have yet to provide credible support.
Where is the data from millenia? Everyone can pull it out their hat to say what humans ate over time. Whoever lived to reproduce, and leave remains that were found, and from which scientists can extrapolate diet habits--that's evidence. Have you actually read any of it, besides flitting around the web and quoting at best secondary, tertiary sources, and mostly philosophizers like the rest of us!

Who said Dr. Cate Shanahan is a liar? It certainly wasn't me. I said that she did not provide a shred of valid evidence, based on your description of her interview. Do you not see the difference? If I were Inuit, I would embrace their style of eating. Since I am not, I would proceed carefully, since I have a different genetic endowment. I sure as heck wouldn't presume to know what other people should eat.

Again, congrats on your success.

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