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Originally Posted by BigChiefHoho View Post
And as for marathon runners gaining weight on 1200 calories a day? Sorry to be confrontational, but I have to call bull****. That's not physically possible. Weight loss/gain isn't magic. You can't put fat on out of thin air - it's made out of something, and that something is calories.
Yes to this!
Quoting a trainer whose evidence is what her clients told her is not the least bit convincing. Did she ask her clients HOW they were training for the marathon? Did she actually observe what they ate? There is a mountain of peer-reviewed research that demonstrates both obese and non-obese folks under-estimate their food intake. Marathon training means building some muscle, which might explain the lack of weight loss. 1200 calories sounds highly suspect for anyone doing effective marathon training. I've done marathon training and got substantially thinner on ~3000 cal/day or more, including loads of big peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies & chocolate cake.

@Diamondgeog: It's great to share info about what's worked. But no one knows how a high fat diet will play out in the long run. It's a fad currently, and those who follow it are guinea pigs. The only valid conclusion you can draw from your WOE is that you've lost weight and are healthy NOW. There is no body of data yet to suggest how healthy you will be in 15 yrs, or even 5 yrs. Congrats on your success!

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