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Wow. The Cate Shanahan interview is very powerful. She starts out saying that she saw time and time again her patients telling her how much they eat and exercised and they just could not lose weight.

You know what her colleagues told her? They are lying. She chose to believe them and then asked why. This is an oversimplification but according to the interview food contains information for our genes. So depending on the type of food you can be telling your body to store fat, burn fat, burn muscle, build muscle, etc.

She also says she learned like everyone calories in calories out in grade school but it just doesn't work that way for humans at many important levels. She has seen people training for marathons, eating 1200 calories a day not lose weight.

Ian, question. Are you eating the same foods in the same proportions that you were at your high weight? Just less of everything? Day in day out? If not you changed the macro composition of your daily food intake.

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