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The history of sugar is fascinating. Added sugar was in I think a few island places like Papua New Guinea for most of human history.

In America in 1820 the average consumption was the sugar in one 12 ounce soda every five days. All dishes over five days. Now it is every 7 hours. Then who knows what artificial sweetners do?

And how is that helping? Instead of getting to the root of your problem you try to shift it to another sweetner.

Sugar is quite obviously killing us. And what happened when fat became an enemy? Yep they had to add more and more sugar because things tasted awful without the fat.

Sorry about your DBF. I hope he gets better. I wouldn't put all my eggs in this basket but I've heard ketogenic diets can have great help to fighting cancer.

I was doing a 5K run and went to an American Diabetes Association booth. One of the reps pulls out a bagel. I say probably not the best idea at a diabetes booth. She says she has type 2. She starts telling me her doctor said she would die without bagels. She needed them. No I am not making this up.

So how do things get better? You get diabetes, you're scared. You go to ADA for help. They tell you to eat bagels. I guess we have to keep sharing on social media.

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