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I don't think you get flamed for posting something contrary to eat everything in moderation. My sense is that people sometimes have problems with what you post because you sometimes post stuff that isn't really supported by serious scientific research, and is very one-sided and cherry picks the data. Also, frankly, sometimes there are so-called "experts" out there who sound good but it is a little gullible to just swallow what they say whole cloth. Lots of time, they have an agenda and only present the evidence that supports the agenda. I think that before people just accept what some "expert" says they ought to go and read some of the peer-reviewed research that is in actual scholarly journals and isn't just plastered on a website or youtube video, etc.

Read this article and go look at the underlying abstract about behavioral changes. The one that made the most difference was calorie counting (and no it isn't because more people calorie count - it is because those who counted calories lost more weight than those who didn't).

Anyway, not everyone has to count calories but everyone has to eat fewer calories than they burn to lose weight. And, really, you can lose weight even if those fewer calories consist of food that isn't good for you (although it is not good to lose weight that way).

I am by no means in the camp of saying everyone can eat everything in moderation. There are foods that I just don't eat and even more foods that I would say I eat them very, very rarely and not moderately at all. I am also not anti-low carb. I ate low carb for awhile and tested whether I was sensitive to gluten. I'm not. I still only eat moderately on carbs usually ending up between 80 and 120 carbs a day, even less if you look at net carbs. I also think there are people far more sensitive to carbs than I am. And, there are people who report doing dramatically better on no grains. And, I have no problem with that. I felt interested enough to go no grain for a few weeks and no gluten for a month (it made no difference in my case).

I also don't think everyone has to calorie count. I think there are lots of ways of losing weight and calorie counting is one way, but not the only way.

However, I think this

The point was if you dont change the quality and type of foods but just eat less your body will still hover around your current weight.
is pretty much hogwash (I realize that isn't your statement and is one you are paraphrasing from someone else). Years ago, when I got to goal I didn't change my food quality or type at all. I just ate fewer calories. I lost 50 pounds. There have been many other situations where people lost weight on things like eating Twinkies or fast food. I certainly don't recommend doing that. I think it is much preferable for good health to change what you eat to something healthy. I also think that if you do have trouble eating certain foods in moderation it makes sense to eliminate those foods from your diet. So, if I can't eat cookies without overeating cookies then it makes sense to get rid of them. However, if I ate 1000 calories a day of just cookies I would lose weight (of course, I don't recommend doing that either).
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