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Dott - Wow 20 lbs while dating is impressive! Great job! I think I'm just more concerned with the actual part where we're like doing all the exploring and wanting to go out all the time. Though I admit, it's kind of helpful that he has some issues with body image too...since I clearly do myself. Your concert pictures look amaaazing by the way! You're doing so well! And have fun seeing the boyfriend!


Well. Last night didn't go exactly as I hoped. (TMI ALERT!!!) I woke up with the runs, and ended the evening with vomit. I'm most definitely lacking nutrition, given I haven't really been able to stomach more than 600-900 (yes, this is really scary for me) within the past like three to four days. If it keeps up, time for the doctor's!

However, despite the negative health related stuff, the guy I spent last night with was great. I mean, the poor guy had to deal with me puking outside the cafe for goodness sake! Hahaha. Ended up with a couple cuts here and there because we went exploring in the shallow reef area at the beach, but all in all, it was fun!

Also, while I'm not content with my eating habits (or lack of), the scale is being kind. Obviously not in a good way. Agh, but now I'm worried for when the numbers go up! I guess that'll just mean I'm becoming healthy again.

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