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I can do this!
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Default You can do it

I moved in with my boyfrieend 18 mths ago and gained 24 lbs. same thing he loves to eat out and he's very much a meat and potatoes guy. So I started cookng for him not me.

Our current agreement. I cook what I need to lose weight. Which means less beef more chicken and fish. I let him know what's on the menu if he wants to join me he does if not he goes out. Most of the time he joins me. If I don't feel like cooking and I am just throwing a salad together or eating a bowl of cereal because I'm wiped out then he goes out. It was too difficult to manage meals for him and try to lose weight so I talked to him and told him what I needed to do. If your boyfriend loves and supports you then you should be abLe to come up with some ideas together. We still go out on occasion but I make sure I know where we are going and have a plan before we get there. I look at the menu and eat less calories during the day. Eating out once a week versus 4 or 5 makes a big difference for me. Plus it's more special and a treat.

It's hard when you are at rock bottom. For me that is what pushes me to loose. I don't fit in any of my summer clothes and don't want to buy more. I have three different sized clothes in my closet. I want to fit into the smallest ones! Make mini goals for yourself. My first goal is I will fit into my clothes by June first. It requires I loose 25 lbs. so that's where I'm starting. You don't have to exercise right away. Focus on your food intake first. When you feel good about that focus on a small fitness goal. Such as I will move for 10 minutes 3 times a week. That can be as easy as dancing in the living room with the kids or getting into yoga. Kids love yoga. Or go kick a ball around or run around on the playground with them. If you can get your kids involved with your exercise maybe they can help motivate you.

Glad you are here! Start small. You can do it!
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