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Thx for the explanation!
Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
I think we are finding fat is particularly vital. Did you know 70-90% of cholesterol is produced by the body regardless of diet?
People seem to not be as moved by this as I am .. and apparently you are. Gobsmacks me. The body NEEDS cholesterol. That is why it produces it. Yet doctors want everyone to go on statins where the danger can be it does such a good job it robs the body of something it needs to function. How on God's green earth does that make sense to ANYONE? I'm hoping my next chol numbers will "improve", but I still am not a slave to my numbers. I am exercising to improve my overall health and get rid of my visceral fat (it's not happening as fast as I would like, tho), but low chol numbers is just a false sense of security.

The body also needs fats. Even the food pyramid gets that right, that it's essential, but everyone wants to ban fat completely. It just makes no sense to me
And hey they fill you up and you lose weight. Not a bad combo. A lot of our cell walls are cholesterol. That is why statins mess up so many. Fat and cholesterol are critical for us
Fatty protein (yum, prime rib) fills me up the best. But even a chicken breast will fill me up pretty good, too. I'm thinking it's more the protein, depending what kind, that does it for me rather than the fat per se.
That is why we are killing ourselves off with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia
The thought of dementia is what's doing it for me. I was never worried about it but my mother has it and now can't remember that Dad died last July. That is chilling.

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