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Originally Posted by time2lose View Post
I am glad to see more articles on the effects of sugar in the mainstream press. This morning I saw the following article on Yahoo. It is not heavy on details or science but is a testimonial. I think that this type of article will get more people's attention than the ones heavy on science and can do a great deal to influence people.
Thank you for sharing that article I agree the effects of sugar need to be in the mainstream press and will hopefully get people to thinking. Sugar is a killer and as the article stated, it is added to foods you'd never dream of.

That being said, I read a post on another low carb forum just this morning that was quite disturbing regarding sugar. The poster stated she is on Atkins and does not eat sugar. She & her family went out for dinner at Outback Steakhouse. She ordered steak & green beans. Atkins friendly....or was it? When she tasted the green beans, they tasted sweet. Green beans don't taste sweet...or at least they aren't supposed to taste sweet. She asked the server about them and was told there is "seasoning" on them which is basically just salt & pepper. Hmmm....salt & pepper isn't sweet She then asked to see the manager. The manager confirmed they use a "vegetable butter" which contains various seasonings including " a little brown SUGAR". When you order a vegetable, you expect to receive a vegetable, not a vegetable with added sugar If you are trying to avoid sugar and you are out at a restaurant, you obviously can't assume anything is safe. How very sad

Even more disturbing is something my DBF told me recently. He was diagnosed with cancer in February and is receiving chemo. While at the hospital to get his treatment he noticed they had bowls of candy & individual package of cookies for patients!!! From all the research I have done, sugar feeds cancer! How sad is it that this is what they are making available to cancer patients on chemo!! Even worse, he saw someone getting a chemo injection while sucking on a lolipop

Lets hope articles like this one will become more prevailant and people will get a clue!
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