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I agree with a lot of that. And I reread my earlier post and it was poorly phrased.

I think we are finding fat is particularly vital. Did you know 70-90% of cholesterol is produced by the body regardless of diet? We have an almost preset number. I give blood. My last doctor checkup in Sept 2013 my total cholesterol was 150. In March it was 163. Hoping most of that was HDL increase. I've probably increased my saturated fat 5 to 8 times, barely moved my cholesterol.

Good fats are extremely important and vital. I believe evidence is becoming overwhelming. And hey they fill you up and you lose weight. Not a bad combo. A lot of our cell walls are cholesterol. That is why statins mess up so many. Fat and cholesterol are critical for us.

We have NOT evolved to eat sugar. That is VITALLY important for anyone reading this. Before 1850s or so almost no added sugar consumption. In 1820 we had the equivalent of sugar in one 12 ounce coke every 5 days. Total sugar. And then HFCS is GMO. This is why so many suffer. We ARE animals. Any animal fed a truly foreign diet WILL die. That is why we are killing ourselves off with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia.

Note blood tests don't separate out HDL and LDL so not sure until next physical.

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