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DG, I totally agree that people evolved eating whatever they could find as a food source. They did not eat just the likely-very-lean muscle meat of game; they ate all parts including the fatty brain and the contents of the stomach (which was a source of carbohydrates).

To me as a layperson, human evolution speaks of a species that is almost uniquely adaptable to a wide variety of food sources as well as periods of famine.

I did not claim that eating butter causes heart attacks, but I would say that it's hard to use evolution as an argument for making butter (and other fats) the basis of the human diet.

That said, I would suggest that humans have evolved to be adaptable and they are capable of eating a healthy diet that is primarily based on fat. But I believe they are also capable of eating a healthy diet that is based primarily on other sources (carbohydrates and protein).

And if you are going to make any argument based on evolution, using butter in the same sentence seems a bit hypocritical.
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