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Of course they didn't evolve eating butter, dah. Or cheese or cottage cheese. But they are animal products and we did evolve eating all parts of animals. And if you're not lactose intolerant you can make lower carb dairy a part of your diet

One theory is grains killed a lot of our ancestors. Those that could process dairy had a rapid evolutionary advantage. There was no such 'easy' mutation that has made grains healthy. Possibly because we had eat meat the switch to dairy was easier. I do not drink milk btw.

I could see why you would misinterpret but c'mon. I'm not going to claim we eat butter a million years ago. But we did animals. And just because butter is newer does not mean it isn't a superfood.

Absolutely wrong type of fat doesn't matter. It matters greatly. Modern vegetable oils will kill you. Coconut oil for instance will greatly enhance health.

The newness part of grains is a factor but not the key factor for me. If they were healthy I'd eat them. If they had been around 5 years or 500,000 years. So butter is a new human post agricultural revolution product. But the key to me is the grass fed variety is SUPER healthy.

Google Sweden butter heart attacks.

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