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I had a similar experience to what she describes. Went to a high quality restaurant I use to go to. Tried to order clean but they must have had a lot of sugar somewhere. Was dizzy and ill feeling for hours.

Just came across this video, fascinating. It is why we overeat. Did you know in 1820 average American consumed sugar in 1 12 ounce cook every 5 days? Now it is every 7 hours. One caveat when watching, the bad fats are vegetable oils. Those have skyrocketed. Animal fats which protect us have gone down.
The takeaway lesson is we stand little chance against modern high sugar HFCS high vegetable oil foods. Many of us will succumb based on human biology. But I succeeded by embracing good fats¦ grass fed butter, tallow, coconut oil,nuts, avacado. They fill you up, you start getting fat adapted, get insulin and leptin under control and many succeed. But you have to transition away. Many just cant do these foods in moderation, evidence is all around.

Awesome if you can but for many just too hard fighting their biology.
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