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W3D3 done. I am sort of dreading Week 4. I think I am going to have to drop down my pace if I want to hang for 5 minutes... we'll see! My weight is pretty much staying under 170, and it feels good to be in the 160s, although it is not dropping off as fast as I would like. * sigh *

justrunning, I have used the Nike+ app with great success outdoors. Never used it on a treadmill. Outdoors, I find it is pretty precise -- I used to run the same 5K route every day, and knew the quarter-mile marks by heart, and the Nike+ app always got me within a few feet of them. That said, it can be wonky for very short distances -- every now and then it will give me something crazy for a quarter-mile split -- but it seems to even out over several miles. I probably wouldn't consider it accurate for distances under one mile, but as you start to do longer runs, it will be more reliable. I definitely would not trust it on the treadmill.
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