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Question Making myself eat the right number of calories

So I had a talk with the trainers at the gym today (I really need to get them an appreciation gift, lol) about what I was typically eating, just because it's been a long time since I was up to date on the latest nutrition info. Turns out I am maybe eating 950 calories a day, on average, and that's way less than I need.

(I work out--weights and cardio--5 days a week about 30 min a time). They said I needed to hit more like 1600 calories or my body would just shut down and I'd lose nothing b/c it would think I was starving. I know my science and that there is a point at which this happens. It's just that finding a place to work in that extra 700 calories or so seems really daunting. I don't find myself wanting to snack during the day. It's not that I'm depriving myself---I'm just not hungry.

's weird. Yesterday I wanted some chocolate so I had some--and it tasted terrible to me. I think if hubby wanted to go get some french fries or something I'd be like, "eh, I'll pass." What the heck is wrong with me, and how can I get in those extra calories so that I'll actually see some results?
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