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Originally Posted by Yogini99 View Post
I think there's a huge psych component here. I have the same thing happen- when I get mad enough and disgusted enough to come up with a plan to lose weight, I have very low appetite at first. I can't explain how/why it happens, but it always happens to me if I am fed up enough with my weight to do something about it.
Of course, I look at your top weight, current weight and goal and think, "I would be considered unhealthy, too thin even at your high weight" and I'm just a smidgen taller than you. (at 165 I was at 26% body fat).

And I think, "How can you be disgusted and mad about your weight with only needing to lose that little weight?"

This is a tangent, but it's interesting what some of us are willing to deal with as far as weight goes compared to others. I wish I would get a wake up call at 5 pounds versus FIFTY!

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