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Default A year of going sugar free: article

Pretty interesting. I think it points to the fact that 95% of the stuff in the supermarket we should not be eating. Our bodies are just designed to process the sugar, and especially GMO stuff like HFCS. And if you look at packages I will flat out state that in processed food no one knows what all the additives and chemicals are. Even simple things have like 30 ingredients.

The attitude there are no bad foods will kill you. Sooner or later. And probably make your life along the way of a lot lesser quality. We have access to unlimited cheap deadly stuff now.

If you don't put limits on what you will and will not eat, my belief is you are in for a lot of health problems and often weight problems as well. Health problems even if you are at a healthy weight. You can be weight wise healthy and at the same time be very unhealthy.
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