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The critical thing is that the butter be grass fed butter. Grass fed butter is a true super food. People should research Mary Enig. It is particularly important to women because it has K2 which is protective against breast cancer.

I crunched some numbers with some assumptions. Many LCHF advocates say you should get 70% of your calories from fat. I am not that high but many are or over. Say 2,000 calories a day. So 1,400 calories from fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram. That gives you fat a day of 156 grams. In a week that would be 1092 grams. There are 454 grams in a pound. So you could have 2.4 pounds of fat a week. Now of course his other food is going to contain fat, but perhaps the numbers can give an idea. I think my wife and I have around pound to perhaps a 1/3 pound of butter each per week. But lots of other fats.

That is a bit sad about your mom, but I understand. People can’t comprehend getting used to until they actually do it. I liken it to going swimming. Some people never get into the pool because it is too cold at first. But those that do go in adjust and then in 2 minutes they are like this is great. It of course takes longer than 2 minutes to go grain free.

It can also be amusing though and tasty, going grain free. Burgers: hands down not even close better going grain free. I love burgers now like never before. The flavors pop without a bun. Salsa. It is pretty amusing when I am at a Mexican restaurant now and I eat the salsa like gazpacho. People are freaked out and I am freaked out by them. I am thinking you’re eating corn AND it was most likely fried in a cheap vegetable oil, oh the omega 6 and grain horrors. My verdict: better. I like spicy foods and it is amazing how much more of the subtle flavors in the salsa you can taste. Guacamole. We get guac without chips now. Verdict: better but close. The guac itself tastes better, but guac does kind of lend itself to a chip texture wise. Tacos: better. We go to a taco place by our house. They offer tacos in a bowl, and they are booming they told me. Verdict: Much better without a tortilla for a couple of reasons. It is easier to see what you are getting so you can control amounts of different elements for tastier bites. And again the tastes pop.

If some bizarre stuff happened and I eat grains again I still would not change the above. And those were probably my biggest ways I eat grains. So healthwise: huge win. Flavor wise: win also. Win-win.

Getting back to the healthy weight but what I feel is serious risk of damage from grains. This is important for people here and loved ones. You CAN get diabetes and not be overweight. In fact the largest source of undiagnosed diabetes is non-overweight people because they think they cannot have. They can and do have it.

Fat is so filling I haven't had to count calories or anything. It kind of self-regulates automatically once you become fat adapted (your body is able to burn your stored fat).

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