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What happened with me was, there were so many factors already that made me decide to lose weight, but the final straw was when I fell in love. I fell for a guy who made it seem like he genuinely cared and accepted me, which I knew couldn't have been true due to the fact that he was like majorly thin and athletic. So sure enough, he broke up with me. A month after that I decide to message him and he randomly sends me a photo of his new girlfriend. NAKED. Random like that you know? And I played it cool. What happened after that was I just thought it was a slap in my face because she did happen to be thin and he wanted to make me feel insecure. It worked. Not only that incident but he used me to try to get to other girls. One night I was like "I always thought you were a handsome man, just look at you! You're perfect!" (after we broke up, still talking) and he literally said to me "Can I be honest with you, just don't get mad at me?" I said "Of course you can I want you to feel like you can always come to me and trust me to express yourself" he says "I think your friend is hotter than you. Sorry". Ladies let me tell you, it's a ****ing scar on me because it replays to me ever single day. So now I'm not giving the ****er the time of day when I reach my goal. I can't express how angry I still feel at that. No matter how nice he is to me, i can't let that go. I'm usually really forgiving and forgetful but that takes the cake. I'm doing this for my dignity, pride, and self esteem.

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