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Part of the problem is that as a human population, the medical establishment + government (with whatever reliance they give to experts) has treated us as 'one size fits all.'

My mom can do Weight Watchers and nicely keep her weight down. Her cholesterol readings, sugars, etc are all fine.

I have done WW several times and while, I can lose for awhile, it takes such will power and sometimes clawing my way through days of the week to stick to the programme ... until I eventually give up. (whoever says overweight people are overweight because of lack of will or laziness don't know how hard some people work at it.)

My mom has no interest in trying the low carb approach. All her health indicators are fine.

On the other hand -- for myself -- when I say in my signature below that Low Carb is my liberation, I mean it. I have never found a way until now that works so well for my system and is so easy to follow (of course it takes some self discipline but there are no clawing days where I am fighting cravings and hunger. I am satiated by what I eat.)

My mom does suffer with some arthritis but it seems not badly enough for her to venture into low carb land. Her choice about it and I honour that. Her suffering isn't so bad that it's unbearable. She does however tend to lean to older style grains or ones that have not been tampered with, eg, spelt, kamut,

My dad was a soil scientist during his career. Buckwheat is very popular where I live and it is an old grain. He says it's never been monkied with by 'the industry' because it grows so easily and well. Doesn't have the same troubles with bugs, weather, etc, that wheat does.

I live in what's called the 'grain belt' of Canada. Many parts of it are not naturally friendly to growing grains and this is what drove the industry to find grains more friendly to production.

We as a human population now reap the benefits or suffer even more if one is the proverbial canary in the gold mine.

w1: 11 lbs; w2: 4 lbs; w3: 3.6 lbs; w4: 5 lbs; w5: 5 lbs;w6: 2.4 lbs; w7: 1.4lbs; w8: 6lbs ; w9: 1lb w10: 4.6 lbs w11: 0lbs w12: 5 lbs; w13: 2 lbs w14: 4 lbs ; w15: no w.i.; w16: 11.5 lbs ; w17: 1 lb; w18: 2.5 lbs; w19: 2 lbs; w20: .5; w21: no w.i.; w22: 9 lbs; w23: 3.5 lbs ...

No longer morbidly obese! Total loss now = 108 lbs. With thanks to the Ideal Protein Diet (a form of ketogenic nutrition)!

Low carb life is my liberation!

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